5 Steamy Cocktails to Warm Up Winter Nights

The mixologists at The Tin Lizzie Lounge have been hard at work concocting cocktails in preparation for winter and now that December has arrived in force, we’re got a selection of steaming hot drinks perfect for those chilly nights. Here are some of our favorites:

Hot Apple Cider

One of the tastiest benefits of living in Washington is the amazing selection of excellent ciders, but with the craze toward chilled and carbonated apple ciders, it’s easy to forget how delicious hot apple cider and a couple fingers of your favorite whiskey can be. We’d recommend a bit of Bulliet Bourbon in your mug for a smoky, flavorful taste.

Hot Milk Punch

Hot milk? Really? Yes, it’s true, but once you’ve tried it with shot of dark rum and brandy, you’ll never doubt the recipe again. Add a bit of natural sugar and nutmeg to taste for a sweet finish.

Scotch Whiskey Skin

A drink nearly as old as the United States, Scotch Whiskey Gin is a classic hot cocktail served with a lemon garnish. It’s simple, yet sophisticated – just a couple ounces of your favorite scotch with some boiling water and a few drops of lemon juice.

Hot Toddy

The argument over the best Hot Toddy recipe will likely never end, but needless to say, the choice of spirits included is entirely up to you. You can’t go wrong with brandy, scotch, or bourbon, so ask your bartender and get adventurous as well as warm this winter.

Hot Butter Rum

Yes, with actual butter! Hot Butter Rum is a classic choice for a chilly winter night and a tasty one at that. With a little hot water, rum, butter (of course), and a dusting of nutmeg, you’ll be warm to the core in no time.

When the cold weather gets you down and you’d rather not be cooped up indoors, brave the elements and swing by The Tin Lizzie Lounge for a warm escape from the dull and dreary winter weather. Remember: we also offer private event space, so don’t hesitate to contact us about catered events all winter long.

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