Do as Frank Did: A Guide to a Sinatra-Style Night Out


A gentleman to the end, it’s no wonder why Frank Sinatra’s legacy lives on long after his death. While the womanizing, excess, and possible mob connections can’t be ignored, his sense of style and companionship was honorable and there’s a lot to be learned from his approach to a having good time.

Good suits, food, booze, and company weren’t optional for Frank – and he wasn’t easy to please, either. Bartenders who tried to gain his affection by pouring a heavy hand were scolded, as he and his crew knew to pace themselves and maintain their manners over the course of a long night. After all, they never knew who they might run into.

Sinatra’s Favorites (Ask your bartender!)

Dry Manhattan


Jack Daniel’s on the Rocks (with a splash of water)


Dry Martini


Though the legacy of the Rat Pack is mired in the common conception that the group were drunken reprobates and mobsters, they were also noble and chivalrous, never talking about their friends behind their backs.

The Tin Lizzie Lounge salutes the legacy of the Rat Pack and encourages anyone who wants to learn more about Sinatra’s cocktails to swing by with their own crew and learn a thing or two. Drop us a line for private bookings for bachelor parties, wedding receptions, or company gatherings.

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