was born in Colombia, South America. He began studying the guitar at the age of 7, with his father as his teacher and mentor. When he was 13 he left home to begin his artistic career as a guitarist. He has performed in 80 countries as a concert acoustical guitarist, and he is a master at playing classical and jazz music, a soulful interpreter of flamenco, and a rhythmic performer of Latin American music. His instrumental and vocal interpretations have impressed audiences everywhere. He composes music and teaches promising young musicians how to make their instruments sing. He is internationally recognized, and has played with famous artists such as Elvis Presley and Julio Iglesias, Andres Segovia, and other famous artists. Henao has performed for heads of state and has been invited to the White House and the Vatican. He has been a visiting artist with the Washington Commission for the Humanities. He has performed free of charge for fund raisers for a number of charities around the world, such as Habitat for Humanity, Teen Hope homeless shelter, and Clothes for Kids. Most benefit concerts he performs are fundraiser for helping children by providing medical care to young cancer patients.