Meet the Tin Lizzie Team!

Since the Tin Lizzie Lounge opened in the summer of 2012, we’ve been focused on bringing amazing cocktails and a great experience to our patrons. Along with the changes we’ve made recently to better meet that goal, our front-of-house team has seen some new faces. Meet the team at Tin Lizzie here…

Introducing bartender and server, Isaac Vicknair (a.k.a. ‘The Mummy’)!

Isaac knows what he’s doing when it comes to hospitality. He’s been in the industry for more than 15 years, with an exceptional amount of experience. “Aside from that technical side, I am genuinely interested in helping people. I mostly enjoy the creative aspect of bartending and the personal interactions that come with the service industry,” he says. When we asked him to share something special about him, he said, “I play guitar in a live band karaoke group called Karaokegrass. I can make you craft cocktails and rock ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ in one sitting.” Awesome!

  • Isaac’s Poison: I have never met a type of boozejuice that I didn’t like. Except Campari, that stuff is just gross.
  • No bar is complete without…? Bourbon. You can run out of everything else, but if you run out of bourbon, I am leaving.


With over ten years of experience working in bars and restaurants, Tin Lizzie bartender Robbie Negrin has served everywhere from fast-paced nightlife spots to fine dining establishments. “The Tin Lizzie has been my favorite to date, and not I’m not paid to say that! (Although if my manager reads this, I will happily take a cash bonus.)” Robbie said. In turn, what do we love about him? He brings consistence to the bar. “You always know what you are getting and a personality full of dry sarcasm and bad jokes,” he confesses. Something crazy about him that we should know: “I’m John Stamos’ cousin… Not really but its funny.”

  • Robbie’s Poison: A solid rye.
  • No bar is complete without…? Again, a solid rye.


Chris Shaffer is our Lead Bartender at the Lizzie, and he’s been in the business of bartending for over eight years. From his experience in fine dining, “to slinging cocktails in the Lower East Side in NYC,” he’s found that “one thing is always the same no matter where your working, people. I really try to relate to every guest that comes into the Tin Lizze as an individual and give him or her a really special experience.” Although Chris works to give his customers a very special experience, he’s missed out on one for himself: “I grew up in Southern California, three blocks from the beach yet I’ve never been on a surf board.” Someone should fix that.

  • Chris’ Poison: Anything that’s seasonal and fresh. Seattle has a lot to offer in this department. I try to stop by Pike Place Market at least once a week to keep up with what’s going on locally.
  •  No bar is complete without…? Good music. Awesome tunes always take the day’s cares away (Good gin helps too, which we have plenty of at the Tin Lizzie).


Last, but definitely not least, Kelly Regina Costello (a strong Irish name, don’t you think?) is our wine director, a server, and a behind-the-bar dabbler. In her words, “A pork chop,” is what she brings to the table at Tin Lizzie. Although when pressed for something a little more serious, her contribution is “a smile, humor, and different varietals of grapes to our wine list.” Kelly was born in Alaska, where she lived until her next place of residence in Bellingham. “I worked in a saloon and a topless bar – I mean a salon and a tapas bar!” Her list of specialties, outside of selecting wines and such, includes dog mushing, dip netting, swimming in the ocean (she might be part mermaid), and nailing Buck Cherry’s “All Lit Up” in karaoke. She also loves Cheez-It® crackers and has a complex way of eating them: “I get a little bowl and count 15 of them out, then I bite each Cheez-It® into thirds, which makes 45 bites, and only 2.25 grams of fat and 74.5 calories. Who needs 100 calorie packs?” Wow.

  • Kelly’s Poison: Wine. To be exact, Sancerre (white) and Tempranillo (red). I also have a love for whisky – it makes my dance moves even more incredible.
  • No bar is complete without…? Whisky, a friendly bartender, and a few people to rub elbows with. A jukebox is a plus.


We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting our awesome (and a little weird) team!

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